How to: Sell Your Home Fast for Top Dollar


When a potential buyer walks through your home, they need to envision their belongings and décor without being distracted by yours. While these items may be special to you, they could prevent the buyer from being able to imagine their style and belongings complementing the home. It is also important to remove any clutter in the home. A clean home seems larger and more inviting, whereas a lot of stuff lying around may give the impression that the home is too small or is lacking storage space.

  1. Remove Personal Items
  2. Declutter
  3. Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Potential homebuyers pay attention to the smallest of details. Make sure to have any carpet stains removed, clean windows, fresh linens in the bedrooms and bathrooms, dust baseboards and blinds. It is also important to make sure and fix any small repairs that could deter potential buyers. Spend some time to examine both the interior and exterior of the house, touch up any chipped or peeling paint, banisters, and fences. A fresh coat of pristine paint can tremendously increase the value and attraction of your home!

  1. Remove Carpet Stains
  2. Wash Windows
  3. Place Fresh Linens in Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  4. Touch Up Paint Inside & Out


Now it is time to put on the finishing touches. The living room should be staged with one focal point, a fireplace, a breathtaking view, a bookshelf, or a piece of large wall art. Keep it simple! If you have too many features highlighted in one room, potential buyers may feel overwhelmed. Focus on one aspect and make it shine! If you have patterned furniture, you may want to mask it with some solid throw pillows or a blanket that compliments the flooring and wall color.

  1. Create Room Focal Points
  2. Add Pillow or Throw Accents

Guess what? The kitchen and bathroom are two of the main selling points to any home! Keep this in mind when preparing for your potential buyers. Remove children’s drawings from the refrigerator and clean up your counter space in both the kitchen and bathrooms. A solid, neutral shade in a tablecloth should be selected for the dining room table. In the center of the table, a vase with fresh-cut flowers (or silk, if you have allergies) will add a nice accent.

  1. Declutter Kitchen & Bathrooms
  2. Consider Fresh Flowers in Kitchen

Master bedrooms are naturally one of the most important rooms to a potential buyer. After all, it will become THEIR sanctuary. To ensure the room feels inviting, make the bed, put away laundry, shoes, and other miscellaneous items lying around. Adding some nice accent pillows, or a colorful throw blanket, to your bedding can complement the space nicely. Remove any large or bulky pieces of furniture that may make the room feel small. Turn on the lights, and open the draperies, let in the natural light to create a bright and inviting environment.

  1. Make The Bed
  2. Put Away Laundry, Shoes, and Misc. Items
  3. Add Accent Pillows or Throws
  4. Remove Over-sized Furniture
  5. Turn On Lights & Open Draperies for Showings

Creating Curb Appeal

Decluttering your yard is just as important as decluttering the inside of your home. Remove kid or pet toys, make sure hoses, and gardening tools are stored away. Fix anything that is broken. A leaning mailbox, cracked steps, or a damaged fence can all adversely impact your curb appeal. Keep the lawn mowed and weed-free, and remove grass clippings from walkways and sidewalks. Flower beds are a nice addition to any yard and are known to do wonders for making a good first impression. Some studies show that landscaping can increase the value of a home by as much as 25%.


  1. Remove Toys, Hoses, Gardening Tools, Etc.
  2. Fix Broken Items
  3. Keep Landscaping Properly Maintained
  4. Add Flowers For Extra Splash

Pressure wash your home’s exterior and paint if needed. If you can’t afford a new door, painting the front door you have is an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to complement your home’s exterior. Consider giving your garage doors a face-lift, or power wash as well. Make sure your porch and yard furniture looks fresh and inviting. Buying a new welcome mat a placing potted flowers near the entrance is a great way to create a welcoming entrance to the home. Replace burned-out light bulbs in all of the exterior lights and clean and polish the fixtures. You could also replace the light fixtures closest to the front door, or porch, for an updated look.

  1. Wash Your Home’s Exterior
  2. Touch-up Paint
  3. Replace Burned-Out Light Bulbs
  4. Clean and polish/Consider Light Fixture Replacements


Many homeowners believe there's no harm in erring on the high side when pricing their home.  After all, you can always lower the price if the property doesn't sell, right? While true, remember that interest will be greatest when your home is new on the market.  If not priced competitively, many potential buyers won't even take a look at your property, and recapturing their interest, later on, can be difficult. The longer your home remains on the market, the less likely it is to sell for a good price.  Some buyers question their taste when attracted to a property that's been sitting on the market for many months. As a result, homes that were initially overpriced frequently end up-selling for below market value.

Pricing a home correctly takes considerable skill and experience.  Knowing which other available homes prospective buyers will be considering and comparing to your property is crucial when setting your price.  So is the ability to make adjustments for features, location, condition, and terms, while taking into account market trends and fluctuations.


  • List your property “just to see what happens”.
  • Fool yourself into thinking trends and competition don’t matter. . . they do!


  • List your home effectively.
  • Consult a real estate agent if you’re unsure.


Real Estate Agents have a great deal of knowledge and experience in many areas that can make a real difference in selling a home.  Expertise ranging from market analyses to establish a selling price, to simple repairs and improvements or proven “staging” techniques to show a home in its best possible light, can lead to quicker sales and higher purchase prices.  The same is true for the established advertising and marketing tools and strategies Real Estate Agents employ to gain the highest visibility in a far-reaching market. The last bit of advice for you is to:

  1. Contact a real estate agent.

Did you know that on average, homeowners who sell their homes through a Real Estate Agent or Broker make substantially more money on the sale than those who attempt to sell it themselves? Professional Real Estate Agents, specializing in your area, have access to resources not available to the public, allowing them to set the right price to achieve a quick sale at top dollar.

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